Cohabiting couple facing relationship breakdown

Despite cohabiting couples increasing at a rate now greater than marriage, there is no specially designated law of cohabitation in this country. In neighbouring Scotland there are specific provisions protecting couples. The Law Commission in England and Wales reported in 2007 and recommendations about the introduction of financial provision for couples in relationship breakdown were made, provided the couple satisfied certain eligibility requirements. Despite this, there has been no impetus to enact laws to do this. We are therefore left with looking at the other aspects of property law, trust law and the intention of the parties during the relationship to imply or impute what they intended when they began living together.

Specialists in Cohabitation disputes

These cases can be difficult to unravel and uncertain as to outcome. One way to avoid this is to define from the outset ownership of property, contents and responsibility for paying bills. It is easier to do this in the context of a cohabitation contract or living together agreement. Whilst this is not entirely romantic it does take away the uncertainty involved in relationship breakdown. cohabitation contracts or living together agreements can be tailor made to suit your particular requirements. They are relatively uncommon, but do carry great benefits, particularly when parents may be ‘gifting’ or ‘loaning’ deposits for their children to purchase property.

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