Living Together Agreements and cohabitation

It is always desirable when two people begin living together to record at the outset their intentions toward one another.  The document can record their contributions to the relationship and expectation over division of the equity in the home and other assets in the event of separation.  Whilst this notion may not be entirely romantic, setting out the parties’ expectations in advance will save time, money and heartache if the relationship turns sour.  A Living Together Agreement is a document recording the parties’ contributions and expectations in the event of relationship breakdown.

We can set up living together agreements so you don’t have to leave things to chance

With the rate of marriage declining and more couples living together it is vitally important to address the possible consequences of relationship breakdown before a couple commence living together. Parents, relations and children often find out to their cost that  where they had thought they had protection – they had none.

Although the Law Commission reported in January 2009 making recommendations that the Government enact into law special provisions to protect cohabiting couples,  no steps have been taken in this direction. The law relating to cohabitants remains diverse, complex and varies enormously based on the individual facts of the case. It can be costly and time consuming to resolve issues before the court. Certainty is better than leaving matters to chance.

At Gouldingays Family Law we can discuss with you sensitively your needs in relation to such an agreement.

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