Couple going through a divorce

The drive in the current economic climate is for couples to be steered towards mediation; a non Court based solution. Since 2014 all couples wishing to come to court for a remedy over finance and children must first attempt to resolve their issues through mediation by attending a Mediation Information and Assessment meeting ( MIAM ) the wind of change is starting to bite.

Fully accredited mediation services

Public Funding (legal Aid) is no longer available to separating couples in divorce, financial and child related matters, save for cases where there is domestic violence . Public funding will continue to be available for mediation and this is likely to be the only way couples will find assistance available to them.

Mediation is not however suited to all couples and it is essential that you attend a preliminary appointment for assessment as to whether it is suitable in your particular case. Issues of domestic violence,  control or non- disclosure may make it inappropriate unless those matters can be appropriately handled by your mediator with suitable safeguards in place.

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